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  ~  Cat Animation Art Show Today!  ~ 


Summer, 2002, Issue 12 - by Barbara Stanley,
Home2Cats, P. O. Box 752671, Memphis, TN  38175-2671



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 Mews You Can Use:

Detecting Health Problems --

Cats are solitary animals with a natural tendency to try to take care of their own health problems. As they are 'masters' at hiding their pain and discomfort, it is often difficult for the most nurturing and caring owner to detect signs of illness.

Awareness of your cat's normal behavior and habits is extremely important as often your first sign of problems may simply be a change in behavior. No matter how minor it may appear, any changes in habits, personality, and routine should alert the owner to potential health problems.

If you observe a change in you cat's normal behavior, you should then observe for any physical changes. Donít just look - using your other senses can be as, or perhaps more, revealing than simply what you see. So hearing, touch and smell are just as important as simply looking at your cat.

Some physical signs that you should look for are changes in drinking habits, changes in appetite, any vomiting, and any changes in bowel and bladder output. Check your cat's coat for any changes in appearance. Observe for changes in the way your cat is walking and balancing. Are there any changes in his/her vision and/or hearing?

Also important is how your cat reacts to touch. A change in touch response could indicate pain. If any physical changes are observed, you should seek medical attention immediately for proper evaluation and care.

Remember, cats are solitary animals so donít be overly concerned if your cat wants to be alone for a while. However, if this persist more than 24 hours you would be well advised to make an appointment with your veterinarian for proper assessment and recommendations.



  (c) Eminyan

Artist: Eminyan



 A Word From Home(2Cats):

The Home2Cats Brat Cat!

A special thank you to Ruth Blann Cartledge for the donation of a 1982 Suburu Brat (aka The Brat Cat). The residents of Home2Cats are especially appreciative of the Brat Cat because of it's capacity to transport kitty litter and food. Thank you Ruth for your thoughtfulness and support. Home2Cats appreciates all of our volunteers and donors. Your love and concern for our feline friends keeps us going. You are truly special people.



  (c)  Marloes de Haan

Artist: Marloes de Haan



  Cat Tails: 

Name:  Argant
Breed:  Beach Bum & Aristocrat Mix

It's hard to believe that anything would need to be rescued from paradise. But that was the case for Argant in the Cayman Islands. Over population from failure to spay/neuter extends beyond our American borders. Even to the paradise that is the Cayman Islands.

Argant's appreciation of the finer things in life contributed to his downfall. He adopted the Hyatt Regency as his home. Why not? Oh, the cuisine!! Oh, the ecstasy of it all. He was able to feast occasionally on the finest of delicacies (Okay, so they were scraps no one else wanted but, hey, some mighty fine grub nonetheless).

Alas, the patrons and guest were unimpressed and failed to appreciate Argantís Ďinner beautyí and filed complaints with hotel personnel about the scrawny cat-in-residence with the ratty coat. Horrors! Argant became a hunted fugitive.

When we made his acquaintance, Argant was spending his last day at the Cayman Humane Society. We had gone for a visit and tour of the facility when we came across Argant having his last meal.

Even in such dire straits, he stopped to purr and chat with us. We were Ďgonersí at that point, our hearts won over by the scruffy little guy.

Argant was state side bound after he passed his health exam and inspection with the Department of Agriculture. He has gained weight and flaunts his gorgeous white coat. Heís adjusted well to his new digs, though decidedly NOT the Hyatt Regency.

Argant has decided that sometimes the simple things in life are better than the finer things.


Argantís Favoritest Things:

Fave Toy Fish in the ponds at the Hyatt.
Fave Food Eukanuba.
Fave Pastime  Feeling the beach sand between your toes.
Fave Song "Give Me Just a Little More Time" - by Chairman of the Board.
Fave Movie "Cat Women of the Moon."


Lexusís Un-Favoritest Things:

Un-Fave Toy Sand crabs.
Un-Fave Food Anything being served as your last meal.
Un-Fave Pastime Fugitive status.
Un-Fave Song "I Fought The Law (and the Law Won)" - by The Crickets.
Un-Fave Movie "Motel Hell."



  (c) Hidetaka Hikashi

Artist: Hidetaka Hikashi

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 Animal and People Recognition:

While losing a companion is one of life's greatest sorrows, never having one is to miss out on years of loving companionship.

If you would like to honor a pet or loved-one by making a donation, please send your donation to Home2Cats, PO Box 752671, Memphis, TN, 38175-2671.  

We will include your name in our next newsletter and also here on our Home2Cats website.  Thank you!


In memory of people:

Nancy Ahokas
A friend to strays and supporter of Home2Cats.  We are saddened by the passing of this wonderful lady.
--Barbara and Larry Stanley

Nancy Ahokas
Our beautiful sister-in-law and aunt.
--Cheryl, Graham, & Rachel Ahokas

Nancy Ahokas
She taught us to love cats.
--Peggy and Jay Kirkpatrick

Nancy Ahokas
A special woman who loved cats.
--Steve and Tammy Shaneyfelt

Nancy Ahokas
--Ms. Katrine Aho

Nancy Ahokas
--Richard and Carla Dlugach

Nancy Ahokas
She had a great gift and love for animals and was a true friend as well.
--Esther G. and Michelle Mullins

Ted Cartledge
--Ruth Blann Cartledge


In memory of animals:

Beloved pet of Nancy and Bob Ahokas.
--Barbara and Larry Stanley

--Barbara and Larry Stanley

--Barbara and Larry Stanley


In honor of people:

Barbara and Larry Stanley
--Les Tivers and Ann Shill Tivers



  (c) Katie Kintner

Artist: Katie Kintner



 Curious Cat-World:

The Siamese Cat Song (from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp")
Written by Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke, 1955.
Copyright 1997, Disney Corporation.

We are Si-a-me-ese if you ple-ease.
We are Si-a-mese if you don't please.
Now we look-ing o-ver our new do-mi-cile.
If we like we stay for may-be quite a-while.

Do you see-ing that thing swim-ming round and round? (Yes!)
May-be we could reach-ing in and make it drown.
If we snea-king up up-on it care-ful-ly,
There will be a head for you, a tail for me.

Do you hear what I hear? (Ahhh...) A ba-by cry!
Where we fin-ding ba-by, there are milk near-by.
If we look in ba-by bug-gy, there could be
Plen-ty milk for you and al-so some for me.

(different verse)

We are Si-a-me-ese if you ple-ease.
We are Si-a-mese if you don't please.
We are for-mer res-i-dents of Si-am.
There are no fi-ner cats than we am.

We are Si-a-mese with ve-ry dain-ty claws.
Please ob-ser-ving paws con-tain-ing dain-ty claws.
Now we look-ing o-ver our new do-mi-cile,
If we like we stay for may-be quite a while.



  (c) Margaret Krakowiak

Artist: Margaret Krakowiak

To see more, click here to visit Now That's Animation!



 Special Request:

Ivy's Fund --

It's a Dog's Tail ...

Ivy was found on Highway 70 trying to follow her mother and sibling. As mom and sibling ran off, Ivy was unable to follow due to her injuries. She was rescued by two teen-aged Samaritans who subsequently sought help with the rescue from Home2Cats.

Ivy not only had two fractured legs but the bones were healing improperly, causing misalignment. It was estimated that she had been injured approximately 3 weeks. The necessary surgery lasted 2 1/2 hours and the total cost was $800. She is still in need of her puppy shots and spaying.

Home2Cats and Ivy need your help to cover her medical expenses. Please contribute to Ivy's Fund. This special puppy needs all of our help.



  (c) Makoto Nakamura

Artist: Makoto Nakamura

To see more, click here to visit Tessellating Animations.



 Please Help Support Our Paws:

Entertainment Books -- 

When you purchase an Entertainment Book, youíre not only giving yourself a valuable gift but helping Home2Cats. The Entertainment Book contains half-off and two-for-one savings all over town. You will enjoy discounts on travel, dining, shopping, movies, attractions and much more.

Enjoy the savings and at the same time support our fund-raising efforts.



Artist: Lucy Rand

To see more, click here to visit huisbladRANDdrant.



  On The Cat Trail: 

Friends 2 Feral Program --

You can stay on the cat trail with us by adopting a feral cat in our Friends 2 Feral program. You may specify your wish to adopt a male or female. We will send you a picture of your adopted feral cat along with updates of your feralís progress and the colony. Along with his/her photo we will supply you with as much information as possible about your feralís personality so you may name your cat.

Feral Cat Adoption

$25 donation will spay/neuter a feral cat. You will receive picture of the cat that benefited from your donation.

$50 donation spays/neuters and feeds a feral cat for a year. You will receive a picture of your cat along with a quarterly progress report. You also get to name your special adopted cat.

$200 donation feeds a colony for a year. You will receive a picture of your colony along with a quarterly progress report. You also receive a cat blanket with our logo embroidered on it for your favorite pet.



  (c) Eve Sandor

Artist: Eve Sandor



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