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Catmandrew - Paintings, Prints, Portraits & Purrs
Featured in our Summer, 2003 newsletter.

Park Avenue Animal Hospital - Memphis

Other Memphis Area Animal Groups & Resources:

Memphis Magazine's Pet Guide:
Animal Shelters, Humane Organizations, Breed Rescue - Groups & Individuals, Day Care Facilities, Emergency Services, Mobile Services, Pet Cemeteries, Pet Photographers & Artists, Pet Resorts, Pet Sitters, Pet Training, and Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Services.

Mewtopia Cat Rescue

Sunny Meadows Safe Haven for Pets

Other Animal Resources:

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

American Veterinary Medicine Association

Cornell Feline Health Center

Humane Society of the United States

Veterinary Medicine

Vetinfo - Veterinary Medical Information

And Some Way Cool Cat Stuff:

Action-Cat Postcards & More
Free ecards, graphics, computer stuff & cat links.

Catstuff Graphics
Free cat graphics, info, games & cat links.

Carol Wilson Gallery - Cat Paintings
Featured in our Spring, 2003 newsletter.

eBay's Auction Homepage
Bid-for & auction-off items (search for "cat").

ICanHasCheezburger - Lol Cats & Funny Pictures of Cats
An amazingly funny catpix site!

The Lucky Cat Museum
A collection of Asian Lucky Cat figurines.

The Maneki Neko Room
An attractive site full of information, an interesting collection, artwork, & links.

Microsoft Office - Clip Art & Media
Free graphics & other goodies.

Nancy's Cat Animation Gallery
Cute animated cat pix for free.

Paws Online
Fun cat stuff galore!

Sushi Cat's Maneki Neko Site
A super Neko site with original downloads & Maneki-Nek-O-Grams.

Tyber Katz
Cat doll artisans.

Waiapo's Oriental Cats
One of the best cat collectibles sites on the Internet.

Yahoo's eGroups Homepage
Join a free email-group (search for "cat").

Yoju's Cats Gallery
Featured in our Winter, 2003 newsletter.


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