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  ~ The Cats of Summer! edition ~ 

Summer 2001, Issue 8 - by Barbara Stanley -

Home2Cats, P. O. Box 752671, Memphis, TN  38175-2671




ews You Can Use:


Heartworms in Cats --

Heartworms in cats is our topic because it has hit home...  Home2Cats !!!  Inky, who is a permanent member of our sanctuary, has been diagnosed with heartworms.

Heartworm disease is due to an infestation of the heart and lungs by the parasitic worm Dirofilari immitus, which infects both dogs and cats. Heartworms are a mosquito-borne parasite whose natural host is the dog. Felines are a less "hospitable" host. 

This disease is NOT spread from cat to cat. The disease is spread when a mosquito bites an infected dog and ingests some of the worm's larvae. The next time the mosquito takes a blood meal, some of the larvae are "injected" into the new host. There they develop to be adults, lodging in the heart and lungs.

Heartworms live approximately 1-2 years in cats, in contrast to 5-7 years in dogs.

Some cats will outlive their worms but, in general, the prognosis is poor. Killing the adult heartworms already in cats does not appear to be the best solution, as when a worm dies and begins to deteriorate, small pieces of it can clog the arteries and cause the death of the cat. 

Also, when a worm is inside a cat, it secretes a substance that prevents the cat's own immune system from reacting negatively to it. If the worms die and remain in the cat's system, that substance will no longer be secreted, and the cat could react negatively to the worm and chances are very high that the cat would die.

Accurate diagnosis of heartworms requires two (or more) tests, which include an antigen test that detects the substance produced by adult female worms. This test, however, does not rule out the presence of male or immature worms. A second type of test is an antibody test done to detect presence of worms. Another type of test is called a "microfilariae" test, which is a blood test done to detect immature worms that have been present for at least 1-2 months.

Cats that are strictly indoors are also at risk for this disease. Prevention is the best way to keep heartworms away from cats. Heartgard, by Merck, is a monthly preventive available from veterinarians. Heartgard works by killing the heartworm larvae. It does not kill adult heartworms already in cats, but will keep cats from becoming reinfected.





at Tails:

Name:  "Rowdy" aka "The Pest"
Breed:  God's Special Mix  (The best there is!)

Rowdy was found as a kitten by two joggers.  He was missing an eye and was ‘scalped’ on the back of his head.  Rowdy tested positive for Feline Leukemia.  Euthanasia was going to be the next stop for this 10 week old kitten, except that he won the hearts of the staff at Park Avenue Animal Hospital. 

Home2Cats was called and, of course, Rowdy has won our hearts also.  This tough little guy has used up several of his 9 lives.  He has been on death's doorstep a number of times with illness, including an anaphylaxis reaction to antibiotics.  That reaction caused Rowdy to stop breathing, and mouth to mouth resuscitation was given until we could get him back to the vets.

Rowdy is an ‘in your face’ type cat.  Rowdy, aka ‘The Pest,’ feels it is very important to not miss a thing that is happening.  He has been known to ‘borrow’ guests' wallets, glasses and even a mobile phone.  

In January, Rowdy lost his vision in his one remaining eye.  This has not slowed Rowdy in his quest to live his life to the fullest.  

His favorite aunt supplied him with toys that rattle and make noise for him to hear.  Rowdy is quick to point out to guests which drawer his favorite ‘supervised’ toy is kept in.  If the guests don’t catch on to what Rowdy is trying to tell them, he gives them a little nip to get their full attention.  This tactic always results in Rowdy’s favor.  

One should always be prepared around Rowdy, because he is the best con man that we know!


*** Postscript, 06/01/02:  Rowdy's Mostest Fave and Un-Fave Toys were previously reported in error.  Rowdy's Fave Toy is actually the Kitty Kaster and the error has been corrected below ...


Rowdy’s Mostest Favoritest Things:

Fave Toy ...  Kitty Kaster -- Interactive toy, requires human.  For more info, please see Kitty Kaster on the web.
Fave Food ...  Eukanuba
Fave Place ...  Home2Cats
Fave Activity ...  Biting humans on the leg and then staring intently at the drawer that contains favorite toy.
Fave Song ...  "Stayin Alive" by the BeeGees.


Rowdy’s Mostest Un-Favoritest Things:

Un-Fave Toy ...  Noiseless toys that you have to play with by yourself.
Un-Fave Food ...  Anything that has to be force-fed to him when he's ill.
Un-Fave Place ...  Outdoors -- Contains too many dangers.
Un-Fave Activity ...  Waiting for humans to open drawer for favorite toy.
Un-Fave Song ...  "Knockin On Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan.





nimal and People Recognition:


While losing a companion is one of life's greatest sorrows, never having one is to miss out on years of loving companionship.


In memory of people:

Ted Cartledge
--Ruth Blann Cartledge

Ron Childress
--Jackie Cross

Ron Childress
--Barbara and Larry Stanley

Dottie Crunk
--Barbara and Larry Stanley

Dottie Crunk
--Brenda and Donald Hargrove

In memory of animals:

Fuzz Wad
--Barbara and Larry Stanley

In honor of animals:

Holle and Phoebe Catus
--Holle and Phoebe Catus





urious Cat-World:


Manekeki-Neko --

Maneki-Neko is the famous "Lucky Cat" of Japan. With his paw raised high in welcome, he may be found almost everywhere in that country -- inviting not only good-fortune, but also money, customers, love, health, and even good marks in school.

Most often seen in the form of a white ceramic cat figurine, with spots of orange and black and resembling the tricolor Japanese Bobtail "Mi-ke", he may also be carved from wood or stone, molded from plastic or metal, or printed onto objects such as clothing, household items, or even advertising. He may also be of any color, such as blue for "successful studies"; he may hold objects, such as a valentine heart for "love"; and he can be decorated with pictures, such as a turtle for "long life". As you may imagine, there are literally thousands of different manekinekos! And more are being invented daily!

Cherished and collected by the Japanese ever since his undocumented invention a little over a hundred years ago, the cult of Maneki-Neko is spreading out. Through Asia, Australia, Europe, Britain, and now America, he's everywhere that people love cats, good-luck charms, and/or fine arts. He's also produced more than a few "too-cute" offspring -- such as Hello Kitty, the Pokemon monsters, and the new Wachifield guys -- all having great appeal to the young-in-heart.

Where to find him? First and foremost, the World Wide Web! There are many, many Japanese and English sites published by photographers, collectors, and even online vendors of the celebrated "Welcomer Cat". There's also a Maneki-Neko Collectors' Web-Ring, a "manekinekocollectors" email news-group, and, in utmost importance for spreading the word, the "neko" and "lucky cat" auctions on eBay!

Here in America, he sits in many shop windows and perches on the cash registers of Oriental restaurants. He's often sold in Japanese gift-shops and in Chinese grocery-markets. And, in addition, American artists are beginning to create their own versions of Maneki-Neko: Pat and Peter Tyber have added Tybernekos to their TyberKatz line of cat-dolls; Emily Ito, of Lightwaves Contemporary Jewelry, creates tiny MN's of sterling silver; Louisianan crafter Linda Tong carves and paints manekinekos in Thai style; and Viktoria, of Lily Neko Studios, refinishes them in ultramodern colors and textures.

A cat-collector's dream, that's Maneki-Neko. From fifty-cent keychains to hundred-dollar Kutani ceramics; from traditional Japanese welcome-to-my-shop figurines to contemporary solar-powered, arm-waving automatons; from the tiny Gotokuji Temple bells to the large gold money-cats of Great China Market -- they're all part of the wonderful "Beckoning Cat" family, charming their way across the world...


For further information, the following online resources are recommended --

My-Manekineko Lucky Cats

The Maneki-Neko Club

Manekinekocollectors Online Email Group





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