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 ~ Fat Cat Hall of Fame: Garfield Edition ~ 

Fall, 2002, Issue 13 - by Barbara Stanley
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Mews You Can Use:

Just as we do our children, we all want our pets to live healthy and illness free. That’s why it is so vital that we protect our pets from any infectious disease.

Infectious diseases are caused by microscopic organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Many are transmitted by other infected animals. What many don’t know is that humans can unknowingly spread infectious animal diseases by carrying the disease-causing germ on hands, clothing and shoes.

There are even bacteria, viruses and fungi that can remain infectious in the environment for very long periods of time without an animal host. This means that even your indoor pets can be exposed unwittingly to numerous disease causing organisms.

Vaccination is the best and least costly way to prevent disease in your beloved pet.


Rabies is a fatal viral disease affecting the central nervous system of all mammals, including humans. It is spread by bites or saliva of infected animals. There is no cure for the disease once the symptoms appear and it is always fatal.

Feline Leukemia (FeLV)—

This virus suppresses the cat's immune system, leaving it susceptible to many life-threatening infections. FeLV is spread through close contact. Outdoor cats are at a higher risk.

A simple test will determine if your cat is infected. Vaccinations should follow in all healthy cats.

Feline Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper or FPV)—

FPV is common and can affect cats of any age. Transmission of FPV occurs most commonly by direct contact with infected cats. Fleas may transmit FPV from infected to susceptible cats during the acute stage of the disease. The virus may also be spread by contact with contaminated objects or by people through hands and clothing.

It's almost impossible to prevent exposure, so all cats should be vaccinated.

Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR)—

FVR is the most severe and widespread upper-respiratory virus to which cats are susceptible. FVR is highly contagious and also has a chronic carrier state, in which recovered cats become carriers for life. FVR carriers may or may not experience signs of the disease and will shed the virus intermittently.

An early and ongoing vaccination program is recommended.

Feline Calicivirus (FCV)—

FCV is an upper respiratory virus that is widespread and highly contagious. FCV also has a chronic carrier state, in which recovered cats become carriers for life.

Protect your cat through early vaccination.

Feline Chlamydiosis (Pneumonitis)—

This acute respiratory disease is caused by bacteria. Like FVR and FCV, cats with chlamydiosis will chronically shed bacteria with or without signs of disease.

Vaccination can be an important method for prevention.



A Word From Home(2Cats):

Looking to adopt a cat or kitten? Check out our current pet list and our adoption day calendar on Home 2 Cats home page on under shelters/organizations. You may also access our home page directly by


Cat Tails:

Name:  Toby
Breed:  Cat of the Hood

Toby showed up for a free meal at one of our feral colony feeding stations. He was pretty rugged and thin and appeared to have been a 'street cat' or 'cat of the hood' for some time. Not only was he extremely thin, he was also sneezing and covered with fleas and ticks.

Toby acted like a rough and tough tomcat but we could detect that beneath his tough-guy exterior was a kitty desperately in need of our love and our help. We just had to convince him of that!

After taking several days to catch this street-smart cat of the hood, he was off to the vets for a thorough examination. The bad news was that Toby tested positive for feline leukemia. The good news for Toby is that he was destined to become a permanent resident of Home 2 Cats.

Toby has proven that even a tomcat can clean up nicely. He turned out not only to be a diamond in the rough but proved to have personality plus. This tough boy we thought was feral was just a lovable little cat once he let his guard down. Toby says "Never judge a cat by its cover." This pauper has definitely turned out to be a prince.

Toby's favorite pose is with his head tilted sideways. We suspect he is practicing for a spot on the RCA ad. Toby says "Anything a dog can do, a cat can do better!"

Fave Job Toy Inspector.
Un-Fave Job Protecting the Hood.
Fave Food Eukanuba.
Un-Fave Food Leftover biscuits from chicken boxes. (The chicken would have been nice!)
Fave Activity Looking in the mirror, practicing for RCA commercial break.
Un-Fave Activity  Animal Control hide-and-seek.
Fave Movie "A Street Cat Named Desire."
Un-Fave Movie "The Littlest Hobo."


Animal and People Recognition:

While losing a companion is one of life's greatest sorrows, never having one is to miss out on years of loving companionship.


In Memory of People:

Ted Cartledge
Adoption of feral colony for one year.
--Ruth Blann Cartledge

Nancy Ahokas
--Bettye Hunter

Nancy Ahokas
--Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Ke

In Memory of Animals:

Beloved cat of Nancy and Dick Cochran.
--Susan and Kimbrough Gregory

--Pam Magee

--Barbara and Larry Stanley

A wonderful feral from Ted's colony.
--Barbara and Larry Stanley

Scobey Doo Kitten
--Barbara & Larry Stanley

In Honor of People:

Steve Meyer
--Bill and Rita Vandenburgh

Ray & Tina Osborne
Loving thoughts for all their 'babies' that have joined my Fluffy.
Ellen Lentz

In honor of Animals:

Phoebe and Holle
For giving up their cat toy allowance to neuter 3 kittens in Ted Cartledge’s feral colony.
Phoebe & Holle Cartledge


From The Litter Box:
 C O N S U M E R  A L E R T !

Cats are susceptible to phenols.

A toxic dose can be ingested as a cat grooms itself after contact with items that have been cleaned or disinfected with a product containing phenol.

Lysol derives its disinfectant action and characteristic odor from phenol.

Lysol should not be used to disinfect litter pans, bowls, or bedding.


Curious Cat-World:
N.E.T  C.A.T.S

Cats seem to have taken over the World Wide Web!  They're everywhere!  Some have their own webpages; others simply dominate the webpages of us humans.  My favorite form of net cat, however, is the "funny" cat photo.   Here's a particularly sweet example that I received as an email attachment:


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