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  Winter, 2005 

  ~ Featuring Lucky Kitties for the New Year ~ 


Issue #22, By Barbara Stanley
Home2Cats, P. O. Box 752671, Memphis, TN  38175-2671


Our mission is:

To provide food, medical care, love and sanctuary for injured, disabled or abused animals

To educate the public in what constitutes responsible cat care and ownership.

To engage in other activities related to animal rescue and public education about cat care and responsibilities.


   Wishing you Lots of Luck throughout the New Year ...


  Mews You Can Use 

Cat Pads

There are several areas on the cat’s body that are hairless. The footpad is one such area. This hairless skin has a distinctive skin structure. The skin on the cat’s footpad is tough and is 75 times as thick as other parts of the body but is as sensitive as the whiskers. This skin is particularly sensitive to touch and temperature.

Cats use their footpads to test and determine the nature of objects. The cat uses its pads to determine the size, texture and shape of an object; they also are used to swat, stun and hold prey. The ever-versatile feline also uses the pad to scoop up food or water.

Fatty layers beneath the skin provide protection to the pads when walking. The tough skin on the pads helps provide a firm grip on slippery surfaces. This creates a noiseless tread for the cat when stalking prey.

There is also a little pad on the back of your cat’s front leg. This pad is the carpal pad and is your cats ‘anti skid pads’. When your cat does his ‘possessed kitty’ act and runs wildly around the house, the anti skid device comes into play (at least for most cats it does! I know of several cats that would benefit from training in the correct use of these pads!) This pad stops your cat from sliding or slipping when jumping. It also acts as a safety brake when energy overtakes grace.


   Wishing you the Best of Health throughout the New Year ...


  A Word From Home (2 Cats) 

Bluff City Cat Fanciers' Show
February 12th & 13th, 2005
State Tech, Memphis


  Dog Tails 

Rosie, aka 'Destructo Pup'

Larry seems to have a guardian angel that guides him to lost and needy animals. Frequently he will vary a routine drive by taking a different route for no apparent reason and will find an animal in need.

Larry came home one fall day in 2003 after making such a 'detour' and spotted an injured dog that looked to be a Cocker Spaniel mix. Even though the dog was injured and limping, she could still run pretty fast and disappeared into the woods.

Every night Larry would search for her and leave her food. The security guards stopped one evening and supplied some missing pieces to Rosie's life. She had been dumped as a puppy two years prior. The night security guards had been leaving her food all this time.

She had been hit by cars several times and her left front leg was partially paralyzed. She had drug her foot for so long that her toes had been worn off. But, regardless her condition, she could outrun the best and was never caught. Rosie became a part of our lives long before her rescue.

Rosie was a tough little nut to crack. Trying to win her trust and make friends was a difficult task.

The first four months, Larry was lucky to catch a glimpse of her before she would hide in the woods when he left her food. The two of them then graduated to her standing about a 100 feet away and barking. Any movement made in her direction would leave you with a view of her ‘hiney’ disappearing into the woods.

Before we knew it, another four months had passed and we hadn't made much progress. A new four-lane road was nearing completion in Rosie's territory. She crossed this area frequently at night and we knew it would be a matter of time before we would find her body on this soon to be busy road.

During the next few months we consulted with several dog rescue groups for advice. During this time we also tried using a trap but Rosie was definitely smarter than we were. All that was accomplished with the trap was lost trust.

The new road had since opened and Rosie was crossing it at night. We were running out of time and luck when Rosie started searching for us at night and she was coming within 20 feet of Larry. After eleven months, the way to Rosie's heart didn't seem to be food, or so we thought.

We had already tried every dog treat on the market including hot dogs. One night we saved her some bites of a rib-eyed steak. This was our turning point. We hadn’t realized the last eleven months that we had a gourmet puppy on our hands. The next few weeks Rosie 'endured' steak for dinner every night and allowed hand feedings. Touching or petting was till a big taboo.

We consulted with our veterinarian and felt comfortable trying a tranquilizer at this point. So with leashes, muzzle and ‘spiked’ meatballs from a Chinese buffet (we felt gourmet puppy wouldn't just eat a plain meatball!) we headed out one Sunday morning. After 5 hours we headed home with Larry driving and me with a muzzled-drugged puppy in my lap.

Rosie's first night was spent outside in a pen. Since rain was forecast for the second night we placed a kennel in the foyer. I still don't know exactly how it happened but night three (and every night since) was spent with Rosie on our bed, head on a pillow, sleeping between us. Rosie fell in love with cats the minute she set eyes on them. She showers the cats and us with kisses daily.

It's hard to believe this dog wouldn't let anyone touch her for three years. I can't believe we even thought we needed to muzzle her for our safety! The only injuries that have occurred have been to a new bedspread (bedspreads taste better when they are brand new), a lazy boy chair and every stuffed animal and furry cat toy in reach.

It really matters not, our Rosie has found a permanent home!


   Wishing you Loads of Love throughout the New Year ...


  Animal and People Recognition 

While losing a companion is one of life's greatest sorrows, never having one is to miss out on years of loving companionship.


In Memory Of Animals

Bobby Jo
We love and miss our little girl.
Amy & Bobby Baker

--Laurin Gregory
--Chris & Lyn Greer
--Susan & Kimbrough Gregory

Beloved pet of Joan Cultis who loved swimming and her dollies.
--Ellen Lentz

Bonnie Blue
Who made Ruby and Russell's family complete.
--Wayne & Ruth Ashford

--Larry & Barbara Stanley

--Don & Brenda Hargrove

--Larry & Barbara Stanley

--Larry & Barbara Stanley

--Larry & Barbara Stanley

--Susan Synder Nunn

--Larry & Barbara Stanley

--Larry & Barbara Stanley

He will be missed by his Auntie Ellen.
--Ellen Lentz

--Larry & Barbara Stanley

Simon, Beans, Slug & Mr. Dids
--Bob & Dody Cordes

In Memory Of People

Ted Cartledge
--Ruth Blann Cartledge

Frances Hillhouse
--Larry & Barbara Stanley

In Honor Of People

Janice Stone & Leslie Hester
--Becky & Rick Malchow

Larry & Barbara Stanley
--Bob & Dody Cordes


   Wishing you Sweet Dreams throughout the New Year ...


  On-Going Projects 

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