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  Fall, 2005 

  ~ Some Old Friends Revisited - Part 2 ~ 


Issue #25, By Barbara Stanley
Home 2 Cats, P. O. Box 752671, Memphis, TN  38175-2671


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Our mission is:

To provide food, medical care, love and sanctuary for injured, disabled or abused animals

To educate the public in what constitutes responsible cat care and ownership.

To engage in other activities related to animal rescue and public education about cat care and responsibilities.

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Slinky - Issue #9, Fall, 2001


  Mews You Can Us

We can all make a difference!

I am writing this newsletter in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Like the rest of the nation, I am stunned by the destruction and destroyed lives that Katrina has left in her path. I have shed tears daily watching the media coverage. I have also shed tears reading the emails from evacuees, shelters, and individuals about the animals that have also become hurricane victims.

This is a good time for pet owners to make an emergency evacuation plan for themselves and their pets if the need arrives. Have a plan in place, ready to use, along with an emergency kit with supplies for you and your pet. Some of the supplies that your pet’s emergency kit should contain are food, water, daily medicines, first aid kit and collar with leash.

For small pet owners have kennels or crates available and ready to transport your pet. In all of the commotion that may occur your pet will be frightened and a loose pet can become a lost pet very quickly. If you find yourself in an emergency situation such as a fire that requires immediate evacuation, a fabric laundry bag that ties can be a quick short-term substitute.

You are the guardian of your pet. Please remember if a situation is not safe for you, then it is not safe for our pet. Your pet needs to evacuate with you. Please do not forget this valued member of your family in an emergency situation.

Owners with multiple pets may find it difficult or impossible to transport all animals when an emergency occurs. If an evacuation is in progress and you are able to offer transportation for an animal, contact someone who has multiple pets. Your help and assistance could mean the difference between life and death for a beloved pet.

In the aftermath of a disaster, such as hurricane Katrina, rescue organizations and shelters will need your support not only from donations but also with rescue efforts. If you find an injured, homeless or abandoned animal take the initiative and rescue the animal yourself. Rescue groups and organizations will be overcrowded.

You can dedicate a room or section of your house to the rescued animal, keeping it separate from your pet if needed. You will need to support the rescued animal with food, water, and medical attention. The responsibility of finding the animal a permanent home may be yours also.

Individual rescue efforts need to be implemented and practiced all year around, not just in the aftermath of a disaster. Your donations help groups, organizations, and shelters that rescue animals, but we cannot do it all! If space is not available with an organization, take the initiative and conduct the rescue yourself as an individual.

We can all make a difference!


Barney - Issue #10, Winter, 2002


  Cat Tails 

In Loving Memory of Newton

We rescued Lucky for Frances Hillhouse in 2003. Their story was our 'Cat Tails Winter 2003' feature story. We remained friends with this wonderful pair and helped Frances with Lucky whenever our help was needed, until her death in December of 2004.

About a year after we had met Frances, she heard about two cats that had been abandoned by family when an elderly resident had died at the assisted living home where she resided. The cats were living in the back garden and parking lot of the home. Frances worried about these two cats and asked us if we would feed them for her. Of course we said yes.

We went to meet the furry duo and they were right where Frances had told us they would be. These two loving but frightened cats had their guard up, and it was going to take months for anyone to win their trust. We fed Olivia and Newton nightly as we had promised Frances we would.

Olivia and Newton were quite happy where they were. They always walked with their tails held high and always intertwined their tails while greeting each other and also while walking together side by side. That was one of the sweetest sights we have ever seen. Olivia and Newton had shelter under the building, which kept them quite warm during cold weather and cool in the summer.

We had tried previously to trap the duo, but were unsuccessful. We needed to gain Olivia and Newton’s trust to accomplish capturing. We never dreamed that once we gained their trust and they warmed up to not only us, but also others, that we would have a dilemma.

Our dilemma came to light one night while feeding Olivia and Newton in the garden. We saw the back door to the assisted living home slightly ajar and an aide was standing behind a wheelchair with an elderly lady who had suffered a severe stroke. The aide informed us that every evening this lady looked forward to seeing the cats, as did several residents. Some of the residents were saving tidbits from their meals for the duo.

We had to do some serious soul searching at this point. We knew the owner and the manager were not happy about the cats, but they were such a delight to many residents who had nothing else to look forward to. We couldn’t take that away from them.

We decided to leave Olivia and Newton where they were and closely monitor their situation. We agreed that at any point that the cats were in jeopardy, we would rescue them immediately.

Olivia and Newton lived happily in their situation for approximately two years. At that time even some of the workers were feeding this special duo. In July of this year while feeding the pair, we noticed a slight wobble in Newton’s walk, so we immediately gathered the duo up.

During their visit to the vet’s, Olivia received a clean bill of health. Newton was diagnosed with FIV (kitty AIDS) and a severe ear infection. Antibiotic treatment for his ear infection yielded no results after a month. In addition, surgery was required and preformed for a growth in his ear. With the FIV, Newton’s body could not fight the infection and he lost his battle September 21, 2005.

We will always remember this special boy who gave such hope and joy to the elderly.

Editor’s note: Lucky who is feline leukemia positive resides at Home 2 Cats. Olivia is also a current resident.


Lexus - Issue #11, Spring, 2002


  Animal and People Recognition 

While losing a companion is one of life's greatest sorrows, never having one is to miss out on years of loving companionship.

If you would like to honor a pet or loved-one by making a donation, please send your donation to Home 2 Cats, PO Box 752671, Memphis, TN, 38175-2671.  

We will include your name in our next newsletter and also here on our Home 2 Cats website.  Thank you!

In Memory Of Animals

of Home 2 Cats
--Larry & Barbara Stanley

of Home 2 Cats
--Larry & Barbara Stanley

of Home 2 Cats
--Larry & Barbara Stanley

of Home 2 Cats
--Larry & Barbara Stanley

of Home 2 Cats
Linda Piekarski

Loved and Missed by All.
(Home 2 Cats' Cayman Island, 1998, Hurricane Rescue.)

Best beloved.
--Donald & Brenda Hargrove

In Memory Of People

Ted Cartledge
--Ruth Blann Cartledge

In Honor of People

Larry & Barbara Stanley
--Ruth Blann Cartledge


Argant - Issue #12, Summer, 2002


  Paws To Thin

In Memory of Lily

Lily was used as bait for Pit Bull fighting. She only knew life as pain and suffering and was a breath away from death when Sunny Meadows rescued her. After months of TLC from the doctors and staff of Park Avenue Animal Hospital, she was nursed back to health physically.

Lily suffered emotionally from the previous horrors of her life. She continued to live at the hospital and slowly a personality emerged. She eventually wagged her tail and would hold it high, her ears would be alert and she would bounce up and down the halls.

Thank you Sunny Meadows and the Doctors and staff of Park Avenue Animal Hospital for letting Lily experience love and kindness the last year of her life.


Toby - Issue #13, Fall, 2002


  A Word From Home (2 Cats) 

Pit Bulls

I hesitated when I was writing Lily’s story whether to state that she was used as "bait for Pit Bull fighting" or to just state that she was used as "bait for dog fighting." I decided to make the statement with the breed that happened to be involved in Lily’s situation, because I wanted to use the opportunity to educate the public.

The news media sensationalizes Pit Bulls as mean and vicious whenever there are reports of attacks or organized dog fighting. Any dog or animal can be taught and treated to be vicious. Unfortunately Pit Bulls are one of many breeds used in this manner. Pit Bull’s are a loving, sweet breed and unfortunately stories telling the true nature of this breed do not seem to be news worthy, so it is not reported.

Please do not judge any animal or breed by the negative stories you hear. Remember that a lot of animals are just a product of their environment. Also, if you are looking to adopt a specific breed of a cat or dog, do research into the characteristics of that particular breed.

Education is a powerful tool.


Lucky - Issue #14, Winter, 2003


  On-Going Projects 

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    Violet - Issue #15, Spring, 2003


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