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audrey.jpg (70735 bytes)

The prettiest diluted calico you ever want to meet but a true feral cat. Audrey appears to be untamable, but is the perfect house companion--- as long as we follow her rules.

carrie.jpg (86801 bytes)

The only one of four kittens to survive after the loss of their mother when they were only 2 weeks old. Named after Dr. Carolyn McCutcheon, who saved her life. Carrie lives every minute of her life to the fullest, and never takes no for an answer.

fozziebear.jpg (55661 bytes)

Fozzie Bear
One of 60 cats and kittens rescued from a household.  Fozzie Bear went to three "adoption day" events without success. On the fourth, he discovered that if he "threw a tantrum" and acted like he was freaked out, he would be brought back home.

hook.jpg (73566 bytes)

Captain Hook is from the Cayman Islands. A crab nipped most of his right front paw and left him with only one claw. While we were going through "kitty withdrawals" on vacation, we went to the Cayman Humane Society to "visit" the cats and kittens. Well, the rest is history!

houdi.jpg (62294 bytes)

- Short for Houdini which needs no explanation! He was abandoned in the parking lot of a restaurant which might explain his love for good food!

katie.jpg (31337 bytes)

This is the feline version of a bull dog! Katie will come when called and hold conversations with you. Katieís previous owner wanted to have her euthanized for urinating in the house. A round of antibiotics took care of her urinary tract infection and she has been healthy and happy since.

manda.jpg (40684 bytes)

Manda and her sister Mindy were brought to the vets in an oil pan when they were two weeks old. This is one cat who hasnít missed a meal since she discovered the bottle.

max.jpg (75970 bytes)

One of five kittens that were rescued at 1 week of age when their mother was killed by a teenager. Max is a lover and loves to groom the other cats.

mouse.jpg (47494 bytes)

Mouseís mom is a feral cat who took us two years to catch. Mouse was from her last litter and was born with a hip/leg defect. Heís very timid but loves to come out and lean his head on your leg.

peta.jpg (46982 bytes)

Slightly neurotic, but you just have to love her. Peta is VERY vocal and loves to tell us, and every cat, her cat tales.

sasha.jpg (85770 bytes)

The matriarch and official greeter to Home2Cats. When guests visit, if they do not pay their proper respects to Sasha, they are quickly reminded with a soft tap of the paw and a soft meow.


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