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Cat Tails Of Rescue - The Book!



Cat Tails of Rescue, by Barbara Stanley

Cat Tails of Rescue is a collection of 25 stories of some of the wonderful animals that have touched our lives at Home 2 Cats.

This softbound book contains 90 pages of tales such as ‘Phoebe’, the cat that was waiting to fulfill her destiny, and ‘The Legend of Tracker Mouse’, the rescue of a mouse. (Yep, you read that right! Home 2 Cats rescue has no boundaries!)

In celebration of our 9th Anniversary, we are currently offering our Home 2 Cats book at a special price: Only $3.75 per copy. (Previously $5.00.) As always, all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Home 2 Cats to improve the lives of animals and to educate the public.

I hope the rescue stories in Cat Tails of Rescue provide enlightenment at what can be accomplished and also provide inspiration to you, the individual, to become involved in rescue efforts for animals in need, whether on your own or with an organization.

Please support our rescue efforts and order your books today!

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Home 2 Cats
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LAMA Books
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 SPECIAL PRICE - Cat Tails of Rescue - Only $3.75 per copy.  (Previously $5.00.)

Books will be shipped via Media Mail. The Media Mail shipping cost of this book has also been reduced.  A bunch!  Shipping cost for multiple books would be as follows:

Shipping cost:
1 to 6 books -
TOTAL shipping cost is $2.00.
(Buy a copy for a friend.)

If you have any questions please contact LAMA Books or us.


Book Testimonials

"Oh my gosh, I just got done reading your book ...  IT’S SO WONDERFUL!!!!  I absolutely loved reading all those stories of rescue.  You and Larry are such special people ...  I could go on and on.  That little book is a seller!"  --Barbara Ragusa

"I like your tails because they're real -- you manage to capture the events, the personalities of the subjects, and also your own feelings without going too far.  I don't feel manipulated when I read them and you somehow always seem to balance out the bad stuff with the good.  The only agenda is the welfare of the animal and that's how it should be."  --Donald Hargrove


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