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  Summer, 2005 

  ~ Some Old Friends Revisited ~ 



Issue #24, By Barbara Stanley
Home 2 Cats, P. O. Box 752671, Memphis, TN  38175-2671


Our mission is:

To provide food, medical care, love and sanctuary for injured, disabled or abused animals

To educate the public in what constitutes responsible cat care and ownership.

To engage in other activities related to animal rescue and public education about cat care and responsibilities.


    Godzilla T-Rex, aka 'Rex'  (Issue #1, Fall, 1999)


  Mews You Can Us


All of us, who have had the privilege to be "owned" by a cat during our lifetime, have heard our feline friend purring contently. Not only is their purr music to our ears, the hum and feeling of the vibration emanating from our beloved critter can be soothing.

Cats have been with us since ancient times and we are still trying to fully understand where the purring mechanism is located and how it functions.

There have been many theories on this subject but David Rice, a biomedical engineer at Tulane University in New Orleans, and his fellow researchers may have the right answer. By moving a microphone around a cats’ body, they were able to isolate the larynx as the source of that magnificent purr. Their theory is that cats produce the purring sound by tensing their vocal cords, which then vibrate during inhalation and exhalation

There is the old saying that a purring cat is a contented cat, which I believe is true. But purring appears to have more function than to simply display contentment.

Kittens are born blind and deaf and are able to locate their mother by the vibrations from her purr. Momma’s purr is unique to her and her kittens are fully aware of that fact. Kittens purr instinctively but in a monotone. As they grow older they learn the full throttle version, which includes variations in speed, rhythm, pitch and volume.

Have you ever been puzzled when you heard a frightened, injured, sick or dying cat purring? Researchers have discovered that purring is also a natural healing mechanism for our feline friend. Purring helps their bones and organs to heal and grow.

Scientists have applied that knowledge to help humans. Exposures to similar sound frequencies as the purr have been known to improve bone density in humans. A house cat’s purr measures between 27 and 44 hertz. A frequency of 2-50 hertz strengthens human bones and helps them to grow.

So here’s to your health!! Snuggle up with a furry purring feline and be on your way to stronger bones!!

    Captain Hook, aka 'Hook'  (Issue #2, Winter, 2000)


  Paws To Thin

From Mark Twain

"Of all God’s creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat."


    Tina Turner, aka 'Tina'  (Issue #3, Spring, 2000)


  Cat Tails 

Name:  Lenny Briscoe, aka ‘Briskie’
Occupation:  Parking Lot Patrol Cat

People are always amazed that we find abandoned or injured cats and kittens. They have stated that they never see strays. Trust me they are there; it is just a matter of really being aware and looking! Over the years I guess we have just trained ourselves to be on alert.

When we are out, we especially keep an eye on restaurant parking lots and dumpsters that we pass. We have found many a starving and inured animal at those sites. Sometimes I think we are guided to them and other times I believe they are guided to us. I think the encounter between Larry and Briskie was destiny for them both.

Briskie’s rescue wasn’t like most, in that it didn’t take days or require lots of patience to accomplish. On a cold day last December it was just a matter of Larry driving to work and parking his truck.

As soon as Larry stepped out of his vehicle, Briskie appeared out of nowhere and rubbed up against his leg. Then feeling the warmth that was emerging from the truck, Briskie jumped in and made himself at home.

I was retrieving messages from the answering machine that morning, and heard a message from Larry. He stated that he had a cat in his truck (why was I not surprised at hearing this!). He said the cat was cold, hungry, and thin.

The parking lot was secured so unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to assist Larry or his newly found friend. Larry had an important meeting and couldn’t break away until noon. At least his new friend was somewhat warm and Larry left food and water in the truck (we always travel prepared!)

When Larry was able to break free he immediately went to his truck to find Briskie curled up and quite comfortable. Next stop the vets. Briskie enjoyed his ride perched behind Larry’s neck purring non-stop.

The only disaster that took place on that ride was an abscess on Briskie that broke open. I won’t even go further with that part of the story only to say it was a good thing Briskie had already won Larry’s heart!

We received a fairly good report on Briskie from the vet. He was battling an infection from the abscess, had some dermatitis issues, needed some ‘meat’ on his bones, and of course needed a good dose of TLC.

Briskie was wearing a tattered collar when found, but unfortunately no tags were attached.

Because of the location and the size of the parking lot, we believe there are two possible scenarios on how Briskie found himself in that location. He was either dumped or was an unwanted hitchhiker under the hood of a vehicle that cold winter month. Unfortunately for Briscoe, a massive asphalt parking lot does not provide a feline with many hunting opportunities.

Briskie and Larry both seem to be guided to that parking space that cold winter day. Strays are out there; sometimes it is only a matter of looking around you or down at your ankles!


    Elvis  (Issue #4, Summer, 2000)


  Pick Of The Litter 

Ideas and Suggestions

Mrs. Miya Nakao submitted our ‘pick of the litter’ on great ideas. Mrs. Nakao states, "When I feed the ferals, I rub Vaseline around the outer part of all the bowls, even water so ants and slugs don’t go in the food."

Send us your ‘pick of the litter’ so our readers can benefit from your ideas and suggestions.


    Clancy  (Issue #5, Fall, 2000)


  Animal and People Recognition 

While losing a companion is one of life's greatest sorrows, never having one is to miss out on years of loving companionship.

In Memory Of Animals

--Claudia Rippee

Bobby Jo
We love and miss our baby girl
--Amy & Bobby Baker

Beloved pet of George & Barbara McMichael.
"I’ll miss giving him his belly rubs."
--Ellen Lentz

Much loved member of Roz Ainsworth’s family.
--Don & Brenda Hargrove

--Don & Brenda Hargrove

Larry & Barbara Stanley

Home 2 Cats
--Larry & Barbara Stanley

In Memory Of People

Minnie Moore
Friend to George & Linda Bond.
--Kay Joest

Ted Cartledge
--Ruth Blann Cartledge

In Honor of People

Larry & Barbara Stanley
In honor of you and the work you do.
--Sidney Nisbit

In Honor of People and Animals

Steve Meyer and Bodie
--Bill & Rita Vandenburgh


    Madison, aka 'Chef Madison'  (Issue #6, Winter, 2001)


  A Word From Home (2 Cats) 

In Memory of Peach


Peach was a beloved employee and family member of Park Avenue Animal Hospital. After being rescued by Dr. McCutcheon, Peach spent most of her career working as receptionist, official greeter, and blood donor. As a receptionist she kept everyone in line with a little attitude!

After her semi-retirement Peach took on the position of kennel supervisor and ran that post from on top of the dryer. She took her duties seriously and personally inspected all the warm towels.

As a blood donor, Peach left a wonderful legacy of the gift of life to many sick cats. We will all miss her.


    Angel, aka 'Magoo'  (Issue #7, Spring, 2001)


  On-Going Projects 

Home (2 Cats) On Petfinder.Com

Looking to adopt a cat or kitten? Check out our current pet list and our adoption day calendar on Home 2 Cats home page on under shelters/organizations. You may also access our home page directly by


    Rowdy, aka 'The Pest'  (Issue #8, Summer, 2001)


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